Review of Torrisi’s Italian Specialties turkey sandwich

At Torrisi’s Italian Specialties, the turkey sandwich is elevated to a work of art. Quiet unbelievable because it is a turkey sandwich. I am extremely anti-poultry when it comes to sandwiches. Normally chicken breasts are overcooked to pieces of drywall and sliced turkey lack taste & flavor. But at Torrisi’s I am proven very wrong and if I were you, I’d schedule a “meeting” around 1pm & sprint to Nolita to enjoy Torrisi’s turkey sandwich.

Review and commentary on this rocking turkey sandwich

Torrisi’s Italian Specialties is a darling in the online food blogging space. Glowing reviews emanate from the establishment. Here is one from the NY Times. During the day it is a sandwich shop and at night it dresses up to a sit-down, everyday is different tasting menu of epic yet homey proportions. The restaurant’s take on home-style Italian American cuisine is racking up many food fans, both for its dinners and more so for its sandwiches (particularly the turkey sandwich and its chicken parm).

The bread it simply spectacular in every way. The crust is semi-hard and the inside soft & gooey. It tastes like bread, which is odd to say yet so really not experienced in today’s sandwich culture. The turkey itself is sliced in thick pieces, hand carved for a home-made, roasted turkey. This is not one’s sliced “turkey” from the deli. This turkey is the real deal and it is seasoned impeccably and with plenty of salt.

The turkey looks medium rare and is so moist – not a hint of dryness whatsoever. The color is light pinkish in spots and absolutely just melts in one’s mouth. This turkey may be cooked sous vide before its final roasting, which may be why it retains its pinked hue.

Accompanying this outstanding turkey is a zesty, spicy remoulade of sorts – a roasted red pepper coulis/spread. It is pinkish redish in color and brings with it a lingering spice/heat to the sandwich. To offset and balance this spice is lots of cool mayo, crunchy lettuce slices and juicy succulent tomatoes. Thinly sliced red onions and thyme bring even more flavor to this already perfect sandwich. Yes, all this praise for a turkey sandwich. It is in intoxicating, so go to Torrisi’s as soon as you can.

sliced Torrisi's turkey up close from Front Studio's flickr

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  • RobertR Aug 5, 2010

    I don’t think it’s sous vide but cooked in a Cvap oven which adds moisture and not the intense dry heat of a conventional oven. Somewhat similar effect though.

    If you have not tried dinner I highly recommend it. Truly was awesome!

    Recently found your site and very much enjoy it.

  • RobertR Aug 5, 2010

    I would not be so sure the turkey is actually medium rare. My understanding is it is cooked in a Cvap which retains moister similar to sous vide. The texture may very well be different then normal oven roasted turkeys, but still reaching the dare I say proper guidelines regulated by the Board of Health. I find it very unlikely these chefs would risk the possibility of an inspector and his/her thermometer at this point in their successful career.

    • Eric Borzino Aug 5, 2010

      Great point Robert. Thanks for the info and clarification. I didn’t know the turkey was sous vide. That would definitely explain the texture and color difference from a traditional roasted one (and so awesome)

      • RobertR Aug 5, 2010

        Apparently I accidentally hit new post and not reply. Sorry about that.

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