Korean King’s dessert video, 16,000 strings of honey

This Korean dessert video demonstration is unreal. It was taken by a German tourist in one of the market areas of Seoul, Korea. I was recently in this area last summer for a secret meal with my mom and friends. This is one incredible video of an entertaining renaissance man crafting the Korean King’s dessert – 16,000 strings of honey. The man behind the dessert stand is the dude and he alone worth watching this awesome dessert video demonstration. Behold, the power of 2!

16,000 strings of honey in 2 minutes

This guy can do it all, what a talent! Fluent in Korean, German and English, he demonstrates how to make a profoundly delicious-looking Korean dessert snack. If you’re looking for some more Korean desserts/snacks, check this out. It is elegantly constructed by creating a web from 16,000 loops of honey strings. With the help of corn-starch and utilizing the power of 2, a circle of honey is folded over and over to produce strings of honey that resemble fine hair. The final honey netting reminds me of an intricate spider web.

These not too sweet, not too sticky honey hair strands are able to keep their shape and not stick together due to the corn-starch and temperature. These gentle weaves of honey are then spun like a web are stuffed and spun around nut powders. These nut powders are comprised of ground nuts (walnuts or almonds of peanuts), black sesame paste, and cocoa.  This is like an uber artisinal, to eat on the run yet elegant Greek baklava minus the puff pastry layers.

The King’s Dessert

I’m not a huge Korean dessert fan. I prefer my treats on the sweeter side and chocolate is a plus, but this Korean dessert made for King’s out of 16,000 strings of honey looks unbelievable. What a great video, enjoy the skills.

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  • Dan Sep 27, 2011

    I want to try this, it sounds so good…

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