Jalapeno and scotch bonnet infused vodka, Sriracha as a drink (almost)

The Gallows

The Gallows from accentlimo.com

Jalapeno and scotch bonnet infused vodka? Well yes, that is intriguing. Wait, and you say it tastes like sriracha, but is alcohol? Hold the phone, sign me up for one immediately.

Welcome to The Gallows. One of the more, and legit, gastropubs in Boston, located in its South End. While the menu is comfort-fancy and delicious, as equally as impressive is its list of homemade cocktails. Drinks such as the Healer  and the Mother’s Ruin. Yet, for any fan of heat and the different, there is one beverage that rises above the rest – the Brazen Bull. Don’t worry any lover of the Ancient Greeks, this drink is not as torturous as the name would imply.

The Brazen Bull from The Gallows

I am not the type of guy that typically swoons over mixology. I respect it, I like complex alcoholic beverages, but I’m also the individual that enjoys a scotch neat or a glass of red wine or a refreshing Bud Light bottle (I swear, they are not a blog sponsor, but it is great especially the new Bud Light Platinum). So in that sense, I’m relatively easy. But just the other day, I was floored by a concoction that is truly sriracha sauce over ice, but in the very best of ways.

The Gallows' Brazen Bull from live2eatfood.wordpress.com

Jalapeno and scotch bonnet in alcohol, beautiful

This drink is simply a generous helping of a jalapeno and scotch bonnet infused vodka. These type of infused alcohols are well easy to prepare at home and highly recommended for those that like to kitchen experiment. But those in the know, know that scotch bonnets are, excuse my Wu-Tang, nothing to F with.

My first encounter was a couple years ago, thanks to my old roommate, who is legit Jamaican. One evening, I wanted to make Jerk Hanger Steak for a large group and asked him to hook me up with the authentic, from the motherland, scotch bonnets. I asked him for 20, which seemed about right in my mind to go into the jerk marinade. He reassured me only a couple would do the job. Of course, I had to push back and urged for more. But upon placing a measely sliver of a scotch bonnet piece on my tongue, I instantly knew why I didn’t need 20 of those suckers. Steam rose from my scalp and smoke spewed out from my ears – it was bloody spicy. Think a habanero, but worse in terms of spiciness, yet still oddly enough, tasty, sweet, and with a hint of fruitiness.

Scotch Bonnets from forums.moneysavingexpert.com

And to think this is infused with vodka? A bit odd, but absolutely amazing. At The Gallows, they serve the scotch bonnet infused vodka with plenty of lime. The intense heat of the scotch bonnet and jalapeno shine through in the infused vodka, but is quickly shadowed by the floral sweetness of the scotch bonnet and cut with the refreshing acid from the lime. A gorgeous drink and one highly worth trying if you’re in Boston or like to make infused liquors at home. It also goes with with something delicious, like a Scotch Egg, a poutine, a fried oyster on top of egg in a hole, or just about anything on the Gallows’ menu.

The Gallows' Scotch egg from sweetandsourboston.blogspot.com

The Gallows' Poutine from tastedmenu.com

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