Salmon Roe and Fried Egg Rice Bowl

Salmon roe and fried egg rice bowl

We already know that a sexy running egg is just about excellent on just about any savory dish. A silky and yokey egg adds lusciousness and richness to any dish.  This is all the more true when the egg is over rice. Rice may be the ultimate vehicle for soaping up an egg’s gloriousness.

But what happens when you have an egg on top of an egg? It is ultra fertility in a plate. I love to top my fried or poached eggs with more eggs, particularly fish eggs. The salty, briny fish roe pair remarkably with velvety eggs. Salmon roe is currently my favorite fish egg to use. Salmon roe are large, beautiful orbs of fishy delight. The highlight is not just the strong oceanic taste, but its bursting texture. It is like pop rocks from the sea.

When salmon roe, a fried egg, and rice are paired in a bowl, it is a deeply satisfying and comforting meal. This is one of my favorite quick meals to whip up for myself when eating alone, which happens a little too frequently.

Salmon fish egg, fried egg, rice bowl


Rice bowl with salmon roe and an egg

Ingredients (serves 1):

  • 1-1.5 cups cooked rice, Korean style (aka more wet and sticky, like sushi rice)
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons salmon roe
  • 1 teaspoon soy sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • Olive oil
  • Chives, minced
  • Salt/Pepper

For some, the taste of salmon roe is a bit too strong. If this is case, soak your salmon roe in a mixture of soy sauce, mirin, and sake. This will flavor it with these Asian tastes and lessen the bite.

There are one of two ways you can cook your eggs.

  1. In a non-stick pan, have the pan over medium-low heat. Add the butter and a touch of olive oil. Gently add the two eggs and place a lid on top of the saute pan. After 3-4 minutes, give it a check to see if it is cooked to your liking. OR
  2. In a non-stick pan, have the pan over medium heat. Add the butter and a touch of olive oil. Gently add the two eggs and place a lid on top of the saute pan. After 1-2 minutes and when the egg whites have settled, flip the eggs. Cook for 30 more seconds and remove.

In a bowl, have the warm rice on the bottom. Place the cooked eggs on top and season lightly with salt and pepper. Keep in the mind that the salmon roe are salty. Then gorgeously spoon on the salmon roe caviar and add the soy sauce and sesame oil. Top all of these deliciousness with the chives and a tiny bit of pepper.

Enjoy this eggy comfort in a bowl.

Salmon caviar, egg, rice bowl

Salmon roe, egg, rice bowl

Mixing up the eggs in rice

Salmon roe fried egg rice bowl

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