Bone marrow, maple syrup glaze, and fresh Canadian strugeon caviar

Bone marrow, maple syrup, caviar

This is one of those dishes that make gods and mortals quiver in stunned reverence. A plate that Anthony Bourdain can write about for chapter upon chapter that could rival Herman Millville. A bite of food that electrifies all those tiny strands of body hair and cause them to brazenly stand erect on end. We can thank the demonish ingenuity and craft of those at Au Pied de Cochon in gorgeous Montreal.

Bone marrow is cooked to its unctuous perfection. The ultra primitive and deep flesh carnivorous flavor is transformed with a sweet, but not overpoweringly sweet, maple syrup glaze. The restaurant’s owner does run a Sugar Shack on the other side of town and believes great maple syrup is as rare as truffles or caviar. This alone would have made any human being smile to perpetual delight. But we’re not done. Au Pied de Cochon then tops this off with fresh local Canadian sturgeon caviar. These nuggets do not pack the punch of Beluga caviar and that is why it worked. The salty and oceanic accents were subtle, yet present. And whether eaten simply with a spoon or smeared onto proper toast, this is one of those dishes you’ll never forgot and must share.

Bone marrow, maple syrup, caviar


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  • Matthew Stone Jul 18, 2013

    Where was the invite for this one?

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