Foie gras, kobe beef burgers

Foie gras kobe beef burger

Indulgent. Decadent. Magnificent. Royal.There are hamburgers, and then there are hamburgers that will change who you are and how you lust. Something divine happens when foie gras and kobe beef, two of the world’s most luxurious and contentious ingredients, come together under one bun. They become a hamburger so rich, so succulent, so powerful, so over the top, and so necessary. Good luck trying to eat more than one.

Ground kobe beef is more affordable than kobe steak, and still demonstrates the significant flavor differences from regular beef. There’s so much more fat marbleization thanks to how the cows are raised. Ground kobe beef was made to become a hamburger patty. While seared foie gras is revered and worshipped on its own fortitude, it becomes the ultimate topping to an already super beefy and unctuous burger. Foie gras on a kobe burger acts like animal butter, which makes gluttony seem modest.

foie gras kobe beef burger

Taste: kobe beef basically tastes like beef butter, it is ravishing. Foie gras tastes nothing like any other liver you’ve had before. It is basically animal butter, does have an organ-like air about it, and is similar to bone marrow. This dish is ultra rich in flavor, and also extremely heavy handed with almost too much fattiness, in a good way.

Texture: the kobe beef patty sears so well in a cast-iron pan. The burger is crusty on the outside, yet soft and juicy in the middle. It’s a wonderful structure for the seared foie gras, which is also crispy on the outside and buttery in the middle. The supple bun and delectable variations of seared meat exteriors and melty insides paint something immaculate.


  • Enjoy the foie gras kobe beef burger in all its splendor without any of the regular toppings (lettuce, tomato, ketchup, etc)
  • Try ordering your kobe beef & foie gras from D’Artagnan
  • Pan sear the kobe patties in a cast iron pan (rare or medium rare)
  • Pack the meat loosely into patties
  • Flip the patty only once, so allow it to sear!
  • Make sure the foie gras is Grade A
  • Score your foie gras prior to searing it in a hot pan & quickly or else it will melt into foie gras oil
  • Cook the foie gras medium / medium rare – crusty seared exterior, creamy center

Foie Gras Kobe Beef Burgers Recipe

Ingredients (serves 4)

  • 2 lbs ground Kobe beef
  • 0.5 lbs foie gras, sliced into pieces the thickness of your finger
  • Sesame seed buns, gourmet preferably
  • 5-6 bacon strips, optional

Place the ground kobe beef into a large mixing bowl. Season it with salt and pepper and give it a good mixing/massaging with your hands for a minute to loosen everything up. Then gently form 5-6 patties out of the ground kobe beef. Make sure not to pack the meat too tight. Season both sides of the patties with salt and pepper. Make a small dimple in the middle of the patty using your finger. This will help the patty cook more evenly.

Heat up a cast iron pan over high heat. No oil is required as there’s so much fat content in the kobe beef. Once the pan is hot, add 2-3 kobe beef patties. Make sure to cook the burgers in batches and not overcrowd the pan. Sear the burger for 3-4 minutes on the first side and give it a flip. Cook for another 3-4 minutes. Resist the urge to play with the burgers and keep flipping or poking them. Allow the burgers to rest on a plate while you cook the other batch.

When the burgers are cooked, bring a non-stick saute pan up to high heat. Season the foie gras generously with salt. Once piping hot, add the foie gras to the pan. Sear it for about 30 seconds per side. Like the burger, try to flip it only once.

Bring your hamburger buns to the table. Place a kobe beef patty on the bun bottom, and the seared foie gras piece on top. I would recommend leaving it here, but if you must, feel free to add a strip of bacon and any other condiments. Get up in there! Enjoy.

Ground Kobe beef package

Ground kobe beef

Kobe beef burger patties

Slicing lobe of foie gras

Scored foie gras

Searing kobe beef burgers

Searing kobe beef burgers

Cooked kobe beef burgers

Searing foie gras in pan

Seared foie gras

kobe beef foie gras burger

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