Squid and Chinese Celery with Garlic Butter

Squid and Chinese Celery with Garlic Butter thumbnail

A traditional Chinese stir-fry gets a Japanese izakaya / westernized make-out with garlic butter. Easy and tasty recipe, perfect for chopstick eating

Salmon roe (ikura) and fried egg rice tower

Bring on the adult pop rocks. Salmon roe is one of my favorite ingredients. It truly is a fishy version of the amazing pop rock candies. Salmon roe has texture on lock down. The way the salmon roe explodes and floods the mouth with intense yet enjoyable oceanic flavor is one of life’s great food [...]

Guacamole With Tobiko Shrimp Dip

Guacamole is one of the world's most favorite foods, no doubt. When there's guacamole, there's a fiesta. This recipe takes the famous guacamole and Asianfy's it up with a tobiko-shrimp salad. This Asian shrimp salad topping totally transforms the dip from something familiar to something so totally new and fun. Your party guests will love it, [...]

Black truffle carbonara spaghetti

Truffles are extravagant. These are not the balls of chocolate but the funghi that grow on the roots of trees and require a reverse mortgage to purchase. When truffles are shaved onto a dish, no matter what's on it, the plate is transfigured from something ordinary to something celestial. Eggs and truffles are a naturally wonderful [...]

Foie gras, kobe beef burgers

Indulgent. Decadent. Magnificent. Royal.There are hamburgers, and then there are hamburgers that will change who you are and how you lust. Something divine happens when foie gras and kobe beef, two of the world's most luxurious and contentious ingredients, come together under one bun. They become a hamburger so rich, so succulent, so powerful, so [...]

Sautéed Geoduck, Italian Fra Diavolo style

The geoduck is an astonishing two-for-one special! There's a distinct clam trunk and body. Its trunk was created to be sashimi. This is the best way to experience the large clam's remarkable crisp texture and salty yet sweet oceanic taste. The body, however, was not created to be eaten for one perfect purpose. I have heard the geoduck body is [...]

Geoduck sashimi

Geoduck immediately grabbed my attention when I first saw it on No Reservations years ago. Its rarity, expensive price point, renown oceanic tastes, and unique texture made geoduck an item I had to try. It became legend to me. The funny looking clam, with its large shell and what looks like a tiny elephant trunk, is [...]

Poached salmon in jalapeño and lime green Southeast Asian curry

Sometimes, we need a good roundhouse kick of extraordinary taste and aroma. A presentation of flavors that are tangy, zesty, and spicy; breathing thunderous life throughout the crevices of one's senses.  It makes us feel alive. It implants a wide-eyed smile on our faces. We crave it, demand it, must have it. The cuisines of [...]

Raw Kale Greek Salad

One of the salad staples receives a superfood makeover. Kale has become a popular movement radiating across restaurants, stores, and tables of all walks and ages. It's firm and crisp texture makes it a wonderful foundation for a salad, especially a salad full of salty overtones. I'm addicted to feta cheese, which is why I [...]

Big Mac Spaghetti

It an American icon, the McDonald's Big Mac. It has captivated imaginations, suspended our taste buds, and assured us of the American Dream. I love a good Big Mac. For me, it is all in the not-so-secret secret sauce, diced onions, cheap melted cheese and shredded lettuce. The burger is an after thought to the [...]

Cherry tomato and ricotta salata crostini

Fluffy, powdered peaks of snow, perched on rolling red hillsides, with the taste of pure sunshine. The simplest of recipes, with much care, can result in the profound. This is one of my favorite crostini's (sliced toast with toppings, Italian style). While it is best served outdoors on a cloudless, warm afternoon, it is also [...]

Lobster bisque soup (using lobster heads)

"No thing ever goes to waste." You cannot disappoint your immigrant grandmother. These words are more than a catch phrase, it is a philosophy on life, and more importantly, a philosophy on food. This recipe makes flavorful use of any leftover lobster heads and bodies. Don't toss out these protective skeletons after the lobster meat [...]

Quick lobster fra diavolo, stir-fry style

The devil made me do it, and it was glorious. Lobster fra diavolo, a messiah of a recipe. Lobster, the prodigal ingredient that in the last 100 years gone from prisoner food to haute cuisine. More often than not, I find lobster bland and boring. Unless accompanied with enough butter to make Paula Dean blush, [...]

Black Perigord truffle pasta, simple and elegant

The black Perigord truffle was made funghi flesh, and it dwelt among us. Ding dong. Make way and open the door, as royalty does not deserve to wait. Truffles, particularly the famous black Perigord and white Alba, personify luxury. They are rare and primarily found only in the wild, tucked underneath European species of oak [...]

Broccoli pesto farfalle (bow-tie pasta)

Pounded and blended herbs, sharp hard cheese, garlic, and olive oil - a tapestry of flavors and a foundation for a fountain of imagination, if you are liberal enough to break away from Italian culinary tradition. Pesto. Part sauce, part spread, part "I can put this on anything and it'd be rocking", it is the [...]

Chicken pho

Rightfully or not so rightfully, one dish can represent an entire nation's culinary characteristics. Stereotypical and close-minded a bit, yes, but ultimately with a degree of hidden truth, also a yes. Koreans and kimchi, Italians and spaghetti, Japanese and sushi, Mexico and burritos, England and spotted dick. For Vietnam, the one dish that sums it [...]

Kale and butternut squash fried brown rice

Balance, a crucial requirement in all things worthwhile and great, and essential in much more than its principle application to cooking and flavors. Health, for instance, requires balance, because without it, it is just too hard to maintain healthiness. Cheats are always one way to make it through the way. This dish is one such [...]

Leftover cranberry sauce and goat cheese crostini

Thanksgiving without a refrigerator full of leftovers is like watching a movie only to miss the ending. It is not right, invalidating, and misses the entire point. Preparing for the Thanksgiving meal is an epic event, either destroying families and their kitchens or bringing them closer together. Mountains of thought and execution are poured into an array [...]

Eating live baby octopus in Seoul, Korea

Live baby octopus. Tentacles separated from the head. Promptly and aggressively hack the legs into more manageable pieces. Sesame oil. Side of white rice. Pair of chopsticks. Breakfast of champions. Everyone has a checklist. Mine happens to be food-related. There are dishes I've been wanting to try my entire life. But, only at the right [...]

Grilled fig, peach, blue cheese bechamel flatbread

Some fruits are just made for the grill. When kissed by the flame and smoke, the tapestries of sugars caramelize into flavors of decadence. Peaches and figs are two such fruits that undergo such a majestic transformation. One the pride of Georgia, and the other, the Mediterranean aphrodisiac enjoyed by the gods. Both come into season [...]