Drinking Africa – a pubcrawl through sub-Saharan Africa

In this post, I wanted to share some of the libations that I have enjoyed/survived since I moved to Africa nearly 2 years ago – first to Ghana and then to Kenya where I currently reside. Some of these concoctions, I would highly recommend that you try in your own homes, others you may not [...]

Jalapeno and scotch bonnet infused vodka, Sriracha as a drink (almost)

Jalapeno and scotch bonnet infused vodka? Well yes, that is intriguing. Wait, and you say it tastes like sriracha, but is alcohol? Hold the phone, sign me up for one immediately. Welcome to The Gallows. One of the more, and legit, gastropubs in Boston, located in its South End. While the menu is comfort-fancy and [...]

Horseradish infused vodka shot with cornichon

To a horseradish in vodka, the whole world is vodka. Life is not worth living, unless its full of zest. You cannot get more zesty than with guzzling drinks that pack a horseradish punch. Vodka is smooth like water if you're Eastern European, but for the rest of us, vodka is one difficult shot to [...]

Oyster shooters from the shell

Oyster shooters taste best when out of its shell. Enjoy a raw oyster shot from its oyster shell with lukewarm vodka and toppings

Korean soju and let’s drink until we die Soju boy

No Korean meal is complete without soju flowing like wine. The combination of hospitality, showing respect, and "can't say no" mentality / "one shot" are what transcend nights out with soju (a low alcoholic content liquor) to drinking experiences that lead some to shiver in fear.