Geoduck sashimi

Geoduck immediately grabbed my attention when I first saw it on No Reservations years ago. Its rarity, expensive price point, renown oceanic tastes, and unique texture made geoduck an item I had to try. It became legend to me. The funny looking clam, with its large shell and what looks like a tiny elephant trunk, is [...]

Gopchang, cow intestines in Seoul’s Obaltan Restaurant

Like eating beef flavored sweet butter. A texture that is silky and velvety, but with pleasant chewy teeth. Unctuously carnivorous yet purely pristine presence. These are words typically reserved for such fan favorites as bone marrow or dry-aged rib-eye. Well, clearly you know then, I'm about to take this another direction. But I'll give you [...]

Eating live baby octopus in Seoul, Korea

Live baby octopus. Tentacles separated from the head. Promptly and aggressively hack the legs into more manageable pieces. Sesame oil. Side of white rice. Pair of chopsticks. Breakfast of champions. Everyone has a checklist. Mine happens to be food-related. There are dishes I've been wanting to try my entire life. But, only at the right [...]

Bone marrow, maple syrup glaze, and fresh Canadian strugeon caviar

This is one of those dishes that make gods and mortals quiver in stunned reverence. A plate that Anthony Bourdain can write about for chapter upon chapter that could rival Herman Millville. A bite of food that electrifies all those tiny strands of body hair and cause them to brazenly stand erect on end. We [...]

Roast Beast’s Thermonuclear Challenge

This is for lovers of Roast Beef sandwiches and chili heads, worldwide. From the moment I laid eyes on the Thermonuclear Challenge, every breeze that swayed the blades of green grass carried its name and every unconscious crevice of my dreams was filled with its being. It was a foregone conclusion, just as when two immovable objects [...]

Jalapeno and scotch bonnet infused vodka, Sriracha as a drink (almost)

Jalapeno and scotch bonnet infused vodka? Well yes, that is intriguing. Wait, and you say it tastes like sriracha, but is alcohol? Hold the phone, sign me up for one immediately. Welcome to The Gallows. One of the more, and legit, gastropubs in Boston, located in its South End. While the menu is comfort-fancy and [...]

A tale of one city – on two continents

Istanbul is the most unique city that I have ever visited. The infrastructure is sophisticated and modern yet historic, the people pious yet liberal, and the city both European and Asian. Waking up to sunlight refracting off of century old mosques and palaces overlooking the Bosporus is a sight of unmatched beauty. However, the city [...]

In-n-Out’s not so secret secret menu and 4×4 burger goddess

We all like to feel like we’re in the know, especially when it comes to restaurants. We experience a unique feeling of gratification when we order off the menu. It is like we own the place or have connections. This feeling is all the more enhanced when a chef gives you props for ordering a [...]

Romanian Pastrami and where to get it in Boston

Romanian Pastrami and where to get it in Boston thumbnail

NYC made deli's popular in the United States. When luscious images of pastrami and corned beef are envisioned, they are normally from the iconic NYC delis.  The first time I ate at Katz's Deli off of Houston Street, it was a revelation. Never had corned beef taste so good (which I love in general and [...]

Jing Fong restaurant, dim sum brunch

Jing Fong restaurant, dim sum brunch is one of the best brunch NYC experiences. More than dumplings, such as chicken feet, rice covered cruller, turnip cake

In the least likely of places… – Paella in Accra

One of the last places I expected to learn to make Paella was while working in Ghana - but per usual, travel allows you to meet some extraordinary people with backgrounds that enrich and edify your own - enter Ventura Bengoechea, a water and sanitation expert posted at the World Bank in Ghana whom I [...]

Function over Fashion – Ghanaian Food Tour

I have received a ton of emails from friends asking what food is like in Ghana. Well allow me to first address a few misconceptions: 1). There is food here 2). It is good 3). Ghana hosts one of the best sushi restaurants I’ve ever been to. Now, let me perpetuate some stereotypes: 1). The [...]