Offal Diary

Foie gras, kobe beef burgers

Indulgent. Decadent. Magnificent. Royal.There are hamburgers, and then there are hamburgers that will change who you are and how you lust. Something divine happens when foie gras and kobe beef, two of the world's most luxurious and contentious ingredients, come together under one bun. They become a hamburger so rich, so succulent, so powerful, so [...]

Gopchang, cow intestines in Seoul’s Obaltan Restaurant

Like eating beef flavored sweet butter. A texture that is silky and velvety, but with pleasant chewy teeth. Unctuously carnivorous yet purely pristine presence. These are words typically reserved for such fan favorites as bone marrow or dry-aged rib-eye. Well, clearly you know then, I'm about to take this another direction. But I'll give you [...]

Bone marrow, maple syrup glaze, and fresh Canadian strugeon caviar

This is one of those dishes that make gods and mortals quiver in stunned reverence. A plate that Anthony Bourdain can write about for chapter upon chapter that could rival Herman Millville. A bite of food that electrifies all those tiny strands of body hair and cause them to brazenly stand erect on end. We [...]

Korean spicy roasted pork neck soup

Koreans are culinary masters in crafting richly flavored and comforting stews. One of the foundations of true Korean cuisine are its soups and stews, known as jjigae's and tang's. There are varieties of all kind and they are meals in themselves. Loaded with ingredients and flavors, Korean stews satisfy any appetite and culinary curiosity. The [...]

Red wine braised oxtail on parmesan couscous

Turn on an Alizee song, light up your fireplace, and grab your current favorite reading piece, because classical and comforting food is coming your way. Braised dishes are grand and homey, perfect for an intimate dinner or group gathering. They are the Swiss Army knife of the culinary world. Just about anything - meat, fish, [...]

Salmon Roe and Fried Egg Rice Bowl

We already know that a sexy running egg is just about excellent on just about any savory dish. A silky and yokey egg adds lusciousness and richness to any dish.  This is all the more true when the egg is over rice. Rice may be the ultimate vehicle for soaping up an egg's gloriousness. But [...]

Spaghetti with bottarga tomato sauce (dried fish roe)

Impress your dinner guests at your next Mediterranean themed event by serving them bottarga. To those that know, it is both a delicacy and is renown as the poor man's caviar. Bottarga is pressed dried eggs of either a tuna or grey mullet. The roe sack is removed from the fish, salted and sun-dried for a couple [...]

Bottarga (dried fish roe) sauce with spaghetti recipe

Bottarga is oceanic flavored mouth dynamite crystals! Bottarga goes by two ring names. It is the poor man's caviar and also the 'white' caviar. This is a must enjoy ingredient for any gourmand. Bottarga is the pressed, then salted and dried female roe of a fish. Typically, it is the roe of the grey mullet, [...]

Spicy Korean oxtail and cabbage soup

A Spicy Korean Oxtail, that is what I'm sometimes called. And like me, oxtails are one of those amazing ingredients that get classified in the "I don't know what to do with it" or "Oh gross, that sounds like butt" categories. A great damn shame...This soup is an essential must-cook for anyone that loves one [...]

Veal shank ossobuco

A braised bone with a hole is always welcomed in cold weather. Ossobuco is royalty for braised meat fans. It is a Milanese specialty that stars the cross-cut of a veal shank. If you're having an Ossobuco that does not comprise of a veal shank, you need to fight for your party to buco. This [...]

Braised pig’s feet and belly, good for your skin

Braising is a beautiful cooking process and turns the humblest of meats into delicious treasures. In this recipe, we combine pig's feet and pork belly together in an Asian inspired braise. Both parts of the pig are high in unctuous fat. This fat helps create an intensely rich cooking liquid, perfect for the braising process [...]

Ramps and bottarga at Otto Restaurant NYC

Steve Cuozzo of the NYPost called out ramps - it is war. The special ramps salad at Otto served with bottarga was a unique and excellent ramps experience.