Guacamole With Tobiko Shrimp Dip

Guacamole is one of the world's most favorite foods, no doubt. When there's guacamole, there's a fiesta. This recipe takes the famous guacamole and Asianfy's it up with a tobiko-shrimp salad. This Asian shrimp salad topping totally transforms the dip from something familiar to something so totally new and fun. Your party guests will love it, [...]

Sweet and sour balsamic and red wine vinegar braised chicken

Chicken - bland, boring, dry, and pedestrian. That sounds like someone I used to know...Times, they are a-changing. Of course chicken sucks when it is cooked inappropriately. So we have to cook it appropriately and in ways that are exciting yet accentuating of its natural essence. This is one such recipe where braised chicken shines [...]

Seared tuna sliders recipe, Asian-inspired trio

Say hello and have it your way at the Tuna Slider Bar! Seared tuna replaces ground beef for a healthy, quirky spin on sliders. You will not miss the hamburger patties in this trio of seared tuna sliders, asian style. And on a summer evening, this recipe makes for an interactive and fun group-eating experience. [...]

Braised pig’s feet and belly, good for your skin

Braising is a beautiful cooking process and turns the humblest of meats into delicious treasures. In this recipe, we combine pig's feet and pork belly together in an Asian inspired braise. Both parts of the pig are high in unctuous fat. This fat helps create an intensely rich cooking liquid, perfect for the braising process [...]

Pumpkin beer braised pork belly recipe

Recipe for New American meets Asian seasonal dish. Different way to use pumpkin beer & Fall spices. Pumpkin beer braised pork belly on infused butter, sage rice

Hapi’s Sriracha Peas

Hapi's Sriracha Peas will compliment wasabi pea snacks. Review of the srirach peas and recipe suggestions.

Sriracha potato salad recipe

Potato salad recipe using sriracha sauce and few other different touches. Great side dish for pig roasts and cookouts.

Salmon with fiddlehead ferns

Recipe of salmon with fiddlehead ferns. Salmon is topped with mayo fiddlehead mixture and served with sesame oil sauteed fiddlehead ferns

Maryland blue crab infused soup

Homey soup recipe using the blue crab broth. Soup made with Old-Bay crab steaming liquid, ham, tofu, and eggs.