Cherry tomato and ricotta salata crostini

Fluffy, powdered peaks of snow, perched on rolling red hillsides, with the taste of pure sunshine. The simplest of recipes, with much care, can result in the profound. This is one of my favorite crostini's (sliced toast with toppings, Italian style). While it is best served outdoors on a cloudless, warm afternoon, it is also [...]

Leftover cranberry sauce and goat cheese crostini

Thanksgiving without a refrigerator full of leftovers is like watching a movie only to miss the ending. It is not right, invalidating, and misses the entire point. Preparing for the Thanksgiving meal is an epic event, either destroying families and their kitchens or bringing them closer together. Mountains of thought and execution are poured into an array [...]

Ricotta cheese spread with honey, thyme and orange

Whenever I have friends over for dinner, a cheese plate of some variety has to be served. Typically, my adoration for fresh and raw ricotta cheese is on display. I am a ricotta cheese advocate. Ultimately, ricotta cheese is crafted by the byproduct of the cheese-making process. It basically makes use of the left-over materials made [...]