Poached salmon in jalapeño and lime green Southeast Asian curry

Sometimes, we need a good roundhouse kick of extraordinary taste and aroma. A presentation of flavors that are tangy, zesty, and spicy; breathing thunderous life throughout the crevices of one's senses.  It makes us feel alive. It implants a wide-eyed smile on our faces. We crave it, demand it, must have it. The cuisines of [...]

Braised salmon head curry, Southeast Asian style

The face, that is what's for dinner! Someone once told me that salmon are the pigs of the ocean - large, fatty, and succulent. And most importantly, there are significant taste differences from cut to cut. Nose to tail cooking, taking the culinary world by storm. For salmon, just like a pig, the most flavorful and [...]

Simple East Indian Curry Conch

Conch Fritters; just about the only manner I've ever had Conch for most of my life thus far. I'm not from The Islands and I was never exposed to the other ways conch are frequently enjoyed. All I had was fried balls of conch fritters found on random tropical-inspired menus. It was pretty boring and [...]