Squid and Chinese Celery with Garlic Butter

Squid and Chinese Celery with Garlic Butter thumbnail

A traditional Chinese stir-fry gets a Japanese izakaya / westernized make-out with garlic butter. Easy and tasty recipe, perfect for chopstick eating

Salmon roe (ikura) and fried egg rice tower

Bring on the adult pop rocks. Salmon roe is one of my favorite ingredients. It truly is a fishy version of the amazing pop rock candies. Salmon roe has texture on lock down. The way the salmon roe explodes and floods the mouth with intense yet enjoyable oceanic flavor is one of life’s great food [...]

Prosciutto spicy salmon rolls, Italian sushi

Italy and Japan collide in this East meets West fusion sushi roll. I love seaweed, but who ever made the rule that all sushi rolls must use dried seaweed? This twist on the standard spicy salmon roll is a fun and eccentric spin on the classic. It replaces the tried and true, dried seaweed, with [...]