Geoduck sashimi

Geoduck immediately grabbed my attention when I first saw it on No Reservations years ago. Its rarity, expensive price point, renown oceanic tastes, and unique texture made geoduck an item I had to try. It became legend to me. The funny looking clam, with its large shell and what looks like a tiny elephant trunk, is [...]

Gopchang, cow intestines in Seoul’s Obaltan Restaurant

Like eating beef flavored sweet butter. A texture that is silky and velvety, but with pleasant chewy teeth. Unctuously carnivorous yet purely pristine presence. These are words typically reserved for such fan favorites as bone marrow or dry-aged rib-eye. Well, clearly you know then, I'm about to take this another direction. But I'll give you [...]

Eating live baby octopus in Seoul, Korea

Live baby octopus. Tentacles separated from the head. Promptly and aggressively hack the legs into more manageable pieces. Sesame oil. Side of white rice. Pair of chopsticks. Breakfast of champions. Everyone has a checklist. Mine happens to be food-related. There are dishes I've been wanting to try my entire life. But, only at the right [...]

Grilled portobello mushroom doenjang jjigae

Koreans know their stews, called jjigae. Its culinary foundation is stew, and quite a diversity of them. Jjigae is something that warms the belly and for me, comforts the heart. Even in the midst of a muggy summer, I'm enjoying my jjigaes. Doenjang is the famous Korean fermented bean paste. Truly a unique flavor that's [...]

Korean spicy roasted pork neck soup

Koreans are culinary masters in crafting richly flavored and comforting stews. One of the foundations of true Korean cuisine are its soups and stews, known as jjigae's and tang's. There are varieties of all kind and they are meals in themselves. Loaded with ingredients and flavors, Korean stews satisfy any appetite and culinary curiosity. The [...]

Chicken Kimchi Jjigae Soup, An Ultimate Cold Defense

What happens when you mix together two comforting soups? Culinary galaxies collide and wormholes of flavors are carved across dimensions. In other words, it is out of this world delicious. And quite possibly, an ultimate defense against colds and illnesses. Chicken soup is for the soul and always a cold day's rescue. There is good [...]

Korean bulgogi nachos with kimchi sour cream

Time to run a trick play on your friends. Nachos is an ultimate party dish. This recipe calls an audible on the traditional nacho dish and re-imagines it with Korean flavors. The best of Korean BBQ is incorporated into these nachos and will be a guaranteed hit at your next football party or gathering. Much of this [...]

Roasted Steelhead Trout Lettuce Wraps, Korean French Style

We all love to eat with our hands. It appeals to our inner child and leaves us satisfied and smiling. One of my favorite ways to eat with my hands is to create burritos using leafy, green lettuce leaves. This is a Korean manner of eating. The freshness and crunchy texture of the pods of lettuce [...]

Bo Ssam, Korean roasted pork butt lettuce wraps

Bo Ssam is porky hands on food for the gods. Eating with your hands is always fun, especially with friends. Informal dining at its finest. In Korean, Ssam means wrapped, and refers to a style of Korean cuisine in which leafy vegetables are used to wrap and hold a piece of meat. In Bo Ssam, [...]

Quick and fresh cucumber kimchi recipe, summertime simplicity

Cabbage, in your spicy and fermented form of kimchi, you get all the love. There are hundreds of different types of kimchi in the Korean repertoire. The range comprises of all types of ingredients - cabbage, bean sprouts, and radishes, to name a few - and tastes - from sweet to spicy to fermented to non-fermented. [...]

Soybean sprout salad, Korean style

Bean sprouts. The first item that may pop to mind are the  flints of moss placed in a sandwich. Such a shame. When I think of bean sprouts, the first item that pops in my mind are soybean sprouts. There are many varieties of soybeans. Mung bean and soybean sprouts are two big ingredients used [...]

Acorn jelly and cucumber salad, Korean flavors

Healthy food is boring and bland. Hate to be that guy, but typically, it is. I want flavor, I want to be smacked with taste. Luckily, my Mom knows me too well. She recently prepared for me an unbelievable salad that is unique in both taste and texture using an ingredient you don't see everyday [...]

Spicy Korean oxtail and cabbage soup

A Spicy Korean Oxtail, that is what I'm sometimes called. And like me, oxtails are one of those amazing ingredients that get classified in the "I don't know what to do with it" or "Oh gross, that sounds like butt" categories. A great damn shame...This soup is an essential must-cook for anyone that loves one [...]