Black truffle carbonara spaghetti

Truffles are extravagant. These are not the balls of chocolate but the funghi that grow on the roots of trees and require a reverse mortgage to purchase. When truffles are shaved onto a dish, no matter what's on it, the plate is transfigured from something ordinary to something celestial. Eggs and truffles are a naturally wonderful [...]

Black Perigord truffle pasta, simple and elegant

The black Perigord truffle was made funghi flesh, and it dwelt among us. Ding dong. Make way and open the door, as royalty does not deserve to wait. Truffles, particularly the famous black Perigord and white Alba, personify luxury. They are rare and primarily found only in the wild, tucked underneath European species of oak [...]

Old Bay crab pasta with creamy tomato sauce

Crab cakes and football, that's what Maryland does! Growing up close to the Chesapeake, we grew up enjoying live blue crabs and of course, covered them Old Bay Seasoning. The elixir of life of Baltimore and the delight of any finger licker. This crab pasta dish is an Italian homage to my blue crab plucking [...]

Penne pasta with salmon, fiddlehead ferns, creamy tomato sauce

This has become one of my favorite pastas to eat. It is different and seasonal, making it a primetime dish to serve for friends. Gently baked salmon brings oceanic silkiness and fattiness. Sautéed fiddlehead ferns bring a forest-like asparagus taste and a uniquely firm yet soft texture. Both of these work gorgeously with pasta. These two ingredients transform [...]

Grape tomato cacio e pepe, a Roman pasta classic twist

Classics, with a twist. This statement certainly turns heads. Either you embrace the idea of modifying a tried and true dish or you proclaim heresy and admonish those individuals that go tempering with tradition. I straddle both sides of the coin. Cacio e pepe is one of Rome's greatest pastas. Roman food is simplicity at its [...]

Eggplant rigatoni with ricotta salata

I am a born-again eggplant believer. This past month, I've been going eggplant crazy. Turn me on. Thanks to it being in season, but also the re-discovery of the Grandma secret of sweating and draining the eggplant before cooking, I've rekindled a deep Italian love. My favorite recipe for eggplant is the following eggplant and [...]

Tuna bolognese pasta recipe

Tuna bolognese is one great twist on the classic meat ragu from the Red City. It is one of the most comforting of pasta sauces and my recipe of the bolognese can be found here. Substituting out the various products of ground veal, pork, chicken liver, and beef for tuna seems like a mortal sin. [...]

Tommaso is great Italian in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

Tommaso is an Italian-American restaurant in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn that embraces old world cliches while also serving some great classics with his twists. Here's a review of Tommaso

Leave the Gun, take the cannoli….

Godfather scene of homemade tomato ragu. Italian-American homemade tomato sauce or red gravy. How to make it?