Poached salmon in jalapeño and lime green Southeast Asian curry

Sometimes, we need a good roundhouse kick of extraordinary taste and aroma. A presentation of flavors that are tangy, zesty, and spicy; breathing thunderous life throughout the crevices of one's senses.  It makes us feel alive. It implants a wide-eyed smile on our faces. We crave it, demand it, must have it. The cuisines of [...]

Penne pasta with salmon, fiddlehead ferns, creamy tomato sauce

This has become one of my favorite pastas to eat. It is different and seasonal, making it a primetime dish to serve for friends. Gently baked salmon brings oceanic silkiness and fattiness. Sautéed fiddlehead ferns bring a forest-like asparagus taste and a uniquely firm yet soft texture. Both of these work gorgeously with pasta. These two ingredients transform [...]

Salmon Roe and Fried Egg Rice Bowl

We already know that a sexy running egg is just about excellent on just about any savory dish. A silky and yokey egg adds lusciousness and richness to any dish.  This is all the more true when the egg is over rice. Rice may be the ultimate vehicle for soaping up an egg's gloriousness. But [...]

Salmon sashimi and a different dipping sauce

Salmon sashimi is one of my cherished dishes and makes for a great party appetizer. The fattiness of the salmon just melts in your mouth, which is one of my favorite sensations. And the taste is so pristine and is like that of the ocean. Wasabi and soy sauce, horseradish zippines with umami salty goodness. [...]